What this is, what it’s not, and maybe why you might read it…

Or not.  This blogging- is such a narcissistic enterprise.  In researching (’cause that’s what I do) “how to blog”, I’ve read a few blogs.  OMG…I guess I really don’t “get it”.  But, I am going to figure this out as I go.  So this is what I know so far:  this blog is not going to be verbal diarrhea or a travelogue of “we went here, saw this, and thought that”.  I am going to share our (my) travel experiences with a hopefully entertaining perspective on the everyday.  What?  In the spirit of travel writers Peter Mayle and Paul Theroux I will share travel experiences through the lens of good stories.  And through humour.  Authenticity.  Vulnerability.  And Compassion.  Especially compassion.  These are very important words to me.

I’m not interested in a soliloquy.  The blogs that draw me in have interesting links to other writers, sometimes they’re thought-provoking, and usually they include a two-way interaction between blogger and blog-reader.  They offer something back to their readers beyond opinions and information.  But I think the ones that really work are about learning.  What does that mean?  Has anyone seen the “Julie and Julia” movie?  I think the real reason that worked and why people tuned into her blog, read her book, and watched that movie was it was an entertaining and public example of learning.  In the course of Julie’s year-long blog and journey through Julia Child’s cookbook, she learned more than how to cook.

I think a basic part of the human experience is learning.  We love watching each other learn something. We delight in it, actually.   It starts in infancy – our parents are FASCINATED with everything we learn.  I know I was with my children…still am even though they’re not infants anymore.  It doesn’t get talked about a lot in my circle, but if you think about it, human beings derive a lot of joy from seeing other human beings learn.

So without committing the first sin I railed about – verbal diarrhea – this blog has been started at the request of friends and family who want to keep in touch with my family’s upcoming European adventure.  Although I can’t clearly visualize it right now, I am hoping to offer that through a series of experiences that show how a family of four packing up their lives for three months learn about themselves through their travel experiences.


7 responses to “What this is, what it’s not, and maybe why you might read it…”

  1. Blogging is the same type of story-telling that Gervase and yourself shared on your year-long sabbatical so many years ago. And you were fabulous at it! (I’m still waiting for it to be turned into a book, or a great travelogue). What I loved best about your previous storytelling was the “she said, he said” aspect of it. Maybe Shannon and Ges will help contribute to the blog? Happy Travels!!

    • Thanks Diana…I actually have started on that path you mentioned. Do you remember that smart rat in our house as Gervase and I were getting married? It’s a story now and will be published later this year. I’ll try to figure out how to attach it as a page so you can read it if you’re interested. It’s called “A Bride, A Rat and a Couple of Good Men”. Thanks for your good wishes!

  2. Glad to be invited along for what I suspect will be an interesting journey, and I Iook forward to your thoughts on the adventure, and the learning. I bid you all bon voyage with a quote: “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

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