Note for the future: My daughter is never allowed near a microphone when the subject might be “me”…

I was just sharing with my 15 year old daughter that several of my friends had enjoyed the humour in “The Universe Has a Plan” blog post from earlier this month (thank you).

“Really?”  she says.  “I should read it.”  So she plops down at my computer to read my witty repartee.  I watch her…she’s not laughing or smiling at the parts I thought she would smile (at least) at.

And there it begins.  I should have just left it all alone.  But I can’t.  Because that’s who I am.

“Why aren’t you laughing?” I query at the part where I’m in my van almost 20 km from our house when I’m supposed to be in my husband’s car with the van in my husband’s possession and en route to the garage.

“That’s what happens,” she says.

“What?”  “You don’t think I’m organized?”

“Well, stuff like that goes on all the time with you.  Your friends think you’re this perfect, organized, calm and kind person (she now mimics perfect tearoom posture and facial expression), and they have no idea” she proclaims, while laughing at her own humour.

I pretend to be greatly offended and surprised by this and with this encouragement she continues.

“Yes” she proclaims loudly, stomping about my office and waving her arms above her head…

“Shannon!” she continues loudly, grabbing my cell phone and begins poking it aggressively while laughing at how incredibly entertaining this is for her…”Shannon!  My cell phone isn’t working, why won’t my texts send?…what’s wrong?” in a “demanding” voice I, ahem, might recognize.

Emboldened, she froths around my office some more, grabbing my scissors that are on the table and plonking them even more in plain view…”Shannon!  Where are my scissors??? What have you done with my scissors?!”  Again, in that tone of voice she seems to have picked up from somewhere…I have NO IDEA where…

With no regard for her own safety, and with both of us laughing, she approaches my computer and pokes the keyboard multiple times…”Shannon!!  It’s not working!!! Can you fix this?  And where are my gosh darned scissors?”

We had a great laugh…at me.  And I enjoyed it differently, but I like to think, just as much as she did.  One has to take these moments of connection with one’s teenager with as much grace as possible…and whenever one can get them.  🙂


One response to “Note for the future: My daughter is never allowed near a microphone when the subject might be “me”…”

  1. Hi Carmen. I am enjoying your posts a lot. We all can relate and feel a bit of connection with you and your family. And your daughter is 15! How time flies. I hate to admit it, but I still have the BBQ sauce from your dad’s 70th birthday at the back of my fridge! cousin Lorna

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