About Me

You really want to know?  Are you sure you can handle it?

OK – that was overdramatic, and I am actually not a dramatic gal.  Probably the opposite.  I have a hard time letting anyone help me so why would I play the “victim” card?

Despite living on the west coast of Canada from the age of 11, I still think of myself as a prairie girl… spending summers with my cousins running wild at the family farm and lakeside.

I was a PR spin doctor until I had my first child – when I thought I would be a consultant until I had to deal with an actual client (yuck).  So now I’m a freelance writer, which, in the darker moments of my MBA finance class I thought “writing…THAT’s what I should be doing!”

I’m generally not happy unless I am doing something – working on transitioning from a “human doing” to a human being.  Apparently I’m having varying degrees of success with that since according to my husband, I am “Martha Stewart’s illegitimate daughter”.  My defence is that I was raised by a home economist, so the bar was set pretty high on the domestic front.

Love of travel apparently was in me ALSO at the age of 11 (guess that was a big year) since I was in France without my parents.  Somehow I thought I should leave the care of the person in charge of me and get on a Paris metro by myself and get lost.  I haven’t stopped exploring.

Much later, I convinced my fiancé that before I could settle down and have babies we needed to leave our jobs for a year and travel.  It was amazing.  So then I married him…and have been learning stuff I didn’t want to know about myself ever since, because that’s what “married with children” does to you, if you really open your heart to it.

I hope you enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy crafting it.  Thanks for checking out turnofphraseblog.com!

(p.s. I knit the sweater…that’s the “self-satisfied” look on my face)

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