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We’ve Just Met and I Adore You” May 29, 2023

(A 100 word story about meeting my eldest, and induction into what mothers will do to connect with their children.)

“Remembering Muriel” May 15, 2023

(A 100 word story exploring how our ancestors are always with us.)

Thirtysomething Leavings” May 8, 2023

(A 100 word story about the surprise and inevitability of change.)

Scent of a Woman” April 11, 2023.

Rondeau. All That There Is” The Lyre: A Literary Journal 13 (Fall 2022): 17.

(response to themed issue “Lost in Translation”)

What I’ve Learned About the Compassion of Children” Toronto Globe and Mail 17 September 2012


North Shore Writers’ Association. “A Bride, A Rat and A Couple of Good Men” 2012 Annual Contest Winner

Creative Nonfiction Collective and the Humber Literary Review. “It Can Always Be Worse” 2022 Contest Short List

Praise for “It Can Always Be Worse”:

The author captures the understated, emotional and social complexities and challenges facing parents, and especially mothers of high needs children, all the while remaining true to their own unique story through vividly rendered memories. And this story is just such a great encapsulation of that experience, told with an engaging and challenging balance of authority and self-awareness.”

-Omar Mouallem, filmmaker, editor and author of award-winning Praying to the West.

We found the writing lively and interesting and enjoyed reading it.”

-Sven Birkerts and William Pierce, Editors at AGNI: The Journal, Boston University.

Creative Nonfiction Collective and the Humber Literary Review. “Closet Full of Monsters” 2023 Contest Long List

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