About our Itinerary

6 Responses to About our Itinerary

  1. Åke Philips says:

    Dear Carmen! I wish you and the family welcome to Europe, especially to Sweden in late August. It will be wonderful to see again. I will follow your blog with great interest. Hugs! Åke

  2. RS says:

    I love your itinerary……. when I left Singapore in 1998 to work in London… my first 2 years in London were filled with weekend trips all over Europe. It feels like a lifetime ago, and yet the memories come flooding back as I see the names of the cities you are going to visit. I look forward to reading your blog and revisiting my memories 🙂

  3. URL says:

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  4. catriona ellis says:

    OK… so it has taken me until the day before you are coming home to work out that I can leave you a message!!! 🙂 Ah well… have a good trip back!

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