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  • 604 Area Code

    For those of you way out of the 604 telephone area code, this post may not be of interest.  For those of you in the 403 and 306 area codes, this post may be of some interest. It’s all about food.  And the quality of food.  Those of you who know me personally, know that […]

  • What to Remember When this is All Over

    Is the world ever going to be the same again?  It can’t be.  COVID 19 is the canary in the coal mine. It’s changing the power balance between traditional “superpowers”.  The USS Theodore Roosevelt, a 5,000 person aircraft carrier patrolling the South China Sea, was forced to emergency dock for testing in Guam as more […]

  • Top Ten Signs You Live in a COVID19 “Red Zone”

    You surprise yourself with how shocked you are that servers in a restaurant outside your community are NOT wearing plastic gloves.  Eating at home was never so appealing! In an effort to wash your hands long enough, you find yourself silently singing “happy birthday” twice because you’ve sung it out loud so much to prompt […]