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  • Note to Gordon Lightfoot: “Carefree Highway” is not so care-free in a 33 foot Motor Home

    Our decision to rent an rv for this trip was not made a long time ago. Eager Europeans (for the most part) long ago reserved their “normal” sized motor homes for their rocky mountain Canadiana. When we started looking, the only one my husband could find was a 17 year old, 33 foot, “land barge” […]


  • Boston: It Could Still be a Great Canadian City

    Boston. It should be part of Canada. I don’t think Bostonians would really mind. They like hockey. They have snow. They use “sorry” like we do. They’d assimilate quickly. Have you ever noticed that? To me, “sorry” should be reserved for when an apology is required. A real apology…one that conveys sincere regret, an intention […]

  • Time Travel: Cape Cod Style

    Twenty years, at least, is the length of time this part of Massachusetts has been on my radar. A bucket list item. The trouble with bucket lists is that with anticipation like that, it’s hard to separate out expectations. It’s not that Boston and Cape Cod are “less than” or “more than” I expected. Just […]

  • It’s Important to Wear Clean Underwear Because You Never Know What’s Going to Happen…

    11:45 pm and way past my bedtime. In truth, I had been asleep, but now I stand in my hair-standing-on-end, be speckled state on a Boston sidewalk. You might recall from an earlier blog that my eye glasses NEVER go out in public. But here they, and me, are…along with all the other guests of […]

  • Have you Ever Noticed How Much People Wear on Themselves?

    Boston. Wicked Smaht. A few fun facts to illustrate the point…back in the day of the thirteen colonies. You know… pre-1776 and all that, Massachusetts literacy rate was 88%. Too bad today’s fashion wasn’t in fashion in 1761…they could have read each other’s chests. We’re visiting in the summer, but during the academic year here […]

  • Manzanillo is a ’10’

    I can’t leave this part of Mexico without commenting on Manzanillo.  If you’ve been exposed to North American culture, and are over the age of 35…then with or without realizing it, you know about Manzanillo.  Especially if you saw Dudley Moore and Bo Derek in “10”.  I can’t think of a man my age who […]

  • I Got the Cowgirl Blues…

    I’m still sore.  It’s been 48 hours since I got off  “that horse”, but my arms, shoulders and area from waist to knee still feel him.  Here’s how it went… We are driving along “en famille”after a trip into Melaque for some basic provisions.  Before we left Canada we had thought it would be nice […]

  • The Un-Weather in Mexico

    Where I come from there are forty different ways to describe rain.  There are ways to describe the size of the rain drops.  Different methods to describe the rain’s velocity.  It’s direction.  It can rain and have blue sky at the same time.  But that’s extremely rare and blue skies are usually only reserved for […]

  • Another Top Ten…

    …signs of “re-entry”to my native habitat from a long absence: 1.  I can’t find my car keys anywhere…they’re somplace “safe”.  Oh boy, those keys are so safe it took days and days to recover them. 2. Nice friends are phoning to say hello on my cell phone.  This is so great.  Except that I never had people […]

  • Two cell phones (that will stop working tomorrow), one iPad (with a big crack in the screen), one tablet, three kindles, three ipods (one dead), a Nintendo 3DS (child bored of it though since he’s played the same three games for three months), and half a computer (with no audio, another one got dropped, and the third is “frozen”)

    I didn’t share this, but while in the Netherlands in July (now I’m in Holland), the d ,m, and r keys stopped working on my computer.  My blog was going to be about how hard it was to be creative when one is limited by using no words that had those letters in them.  You […]