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  • How many Trinity’s Can One Province Have?

    On our way to Bonavista, I read about historic Trinity village which sounds super charming. Admittedly, I might have paid more attention to the veracity of my source material, but after my connection to the world, aka my smart phone, DIED in St. John’s I had been sourcing tourist info where I could. In this […]

  • How to Enter a Newfoundlander’s Home

    Here’s part of a fun quiz I read in our Newfoundland travel guide (if you’re from Newfoundland or related to a Newfoundlander, no yelling out the answer): Let’s say you’re visiting a friend, perhaps for the first time, at their house. At the front door, do you: Knock or ring the bell; Wave to Gran […]

  • New Found Land

    Newfoundland. Not Newfoundland, I tell my husband.  Newfoundland. Maybe as a local told us, Newfoundland. Or as a vintage travel poster from the halls of the fabulous “The Rooms” museum in St. John’s proclaimed Newfunland. In any event, stressing the middle syllable is not done. But I will not throw my husband under the “pronunciation […]