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Two cell phones (that will stop working tomorrow), one iPad (with a big crack in the screen), one tablet, three kindles, three ipods (one dead), a Nintendo 3DS (child bored of it though since he’s played the same three games for three months), and half a computer (with no audio, another one got dropped, and the third is “frozen”)

I didn’t share this, but while in the Netherlands in July (now I’m in Holland), the d ,m, and r keys stopped working on my computer.  My blog was going to be about how hard it was to be creative … Continue reading

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After two months Abroad, any Canadian is my Friend. Even Dead Ones.

Zevenaar.  Our second home exchange.  To use a western North American euphemism…it’s a bit of a one horse town.  Which is apt since this past weekend one of its big summer attractions was its annual country and western music festival!  … Continue reading

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So we got on bikes and saw things from a different perspective…

The Netherlands is famous the world over for its cycling citizens.  It is very cycling oriented.  Slim, fit-looking 60 and 70 year olds on bikes is a common sight that my husband is not always graciously yielding to.   Don’t get … Continue reading

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The Netherlands are peaceful…except for traveling Canadians…

  The Netherlands is beautiful.  The reality of the countryside painted by the Dutch Masters is as peaceful and bucolic as their paintings suggest.  To be in the Dutch countryside is rural.  For a North American this is a rare … Continue reading

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