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  • The OTHER end of my foodie spectrum!

    “It’s in the Palais Coburg…it’s supposed to be right here,” says my husband, looking around with map in hand.  We’re in a quiet, non-commercial part of Vienna, with few people on the street in the early evening.  The only place seems to be a high rise residence of some kind and I can see through […]

  • Two Sacher Tortes, A Coca-cola light and a Decaf…

    “Two sacher tortes, a coca-cola light, and a decaf coffee,” the waitress parrots back with a heavy accent.  I am distracted by her burgundy polyester uniform with gold lettering, “Hotel Sacher” in fancy script.  Around us are sneaker-clad tourists with Vienna maps perched on the corner of their small round café tables.  My husband and […]